Daniel Sy Amil Weston

Do you believe that your work day should be ignited with a cup of coffee in the Morning (note the FirstStep.me team is inspired by coffee)? I actually only just bought my first coffee machine for my apartment!

Any career is a challenging one, is there one challenge that is tougher than the rest? Being bold and standing out from the crowd, making tough calls, starting a business, and well prepared risk taking are huge challenges. They might not be the safest things to do, but usually end up with a positive outcome.

Where do you see your career in next 5 to 10 years developing into? I desire to be an investor, and trader for the rest of my life. Whether it is with Daniel Weston own capital or for investors. I have a plan and a process in place to ensure my career is sustainable. I also love to be involved with great people and ideas, helping innovative and extraordinary businesses grow, so I will always be open to those opportunities.

In the long term my goals are pretty simple. Freedom of time, freedom of place, Freedom of money.  In terms of the working world, do you feel that sustainability is most important, or is the good old “work hard and sleep when you dead” ideology better? Working hard is important, as long as you ask yourself if you’re “working smart”.

Long term it’s a focus on sustainability which is the key. Although we all learn this the hard way! There has been many times over the years where I’ve been working until 3am, and start again at 8am. Either through excitement in solving a problem, or trading 24 hours a day on markets in different time zones! This isn’t sustainable, and stops you from performing at your best.

Daniel Sy Amil Weston

What has been the most insane experience that has happened in your career? In my early 20’s, I invested everything, and then borrowed more to invest more, in to one stock. This company had a legal decision go against them which crushed the share price. I was forced to sell and lost everything!