Home remedies for treating hotspots in dogs

For a dog, the skin is also a sensitive part,and hence it cannot bear any movement on its skin. If there is any skin problem, it does not understand the effects of infection and hence keeps on licking and scratching the area where such infection is there. This also leads to the spreading of infection to other areas as well.

Hotspot is known as one of the most common skin diseases or ailments in dogs which one can observe very easily. They are basically very itchy and painful. The area affected by this particular type of skin condition appears red and wet with periodical oozing. The bacteria responsible for such condition,enter the skin through various means. Whena dog chews over the area of the skin which is particularly broken, it allows the bacteria to infest the area breaching the natural immunity. Remedies which are natural can be adopted to reduce mild hotspots,but if the situation cannot be handled with just the natural remedies, it is always advisable to the pet owner to seek help from aveterinary doctor or else the circumstances might get worse. Flea, insect bites and other types of substances from grass or any other place can also lead to such conditions which can be reduced following certain home remedies.

Washing the infected area with soap: The safest and the most common kind of home remedy that every dog owner should follow is to wash the infected area regularly with soap. It is always advisable to keep such areas clean and dressed as it prevents the bacteria from further infestation. This process should be followed in the earlier days of the condition to keep the spread on thecheck.

Treating with Tea: Tea is one of the most potent natural anti-microbial,so it is always advisable for one to use it for treating such conditions. During hotspots it is advisable for a pet owner to steep a tea bag in hot water, then coolit down and then place it in the area of the infection. This method should be repeated once or twice a day as it is very helpful.

Application of herbal remedies: There are various kinds of herbal remedies which is available at many pet stores as well as veterinary hospitals. Mercurius, belladonna,etc., are some of them which when applied on the area of infection reduce it very fast because of its natural ability and very less presence of chemicals. Also, sprays of tincture of Calendula helps in soothing the pain and irritation of the particular area reducing the inflammation as well as the wet and reddish nature of the infection.

Home remedies for treating hotspots in dogs

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Taking up measures to prevent further chewing: When a certain area starts to agitate it is always good for the pet owner to apply pain relieving ointments such a Vaporubs for the dog to stop itself from liking or biting that area. One of the topical options is for one to apply Witch Hazel spray in the area of the infection to soother the pain and also the itchiness. Professional dog trainers available at alphaandomegadogtraining.com