Top 3 Remote Desktop Software to Increase Your Productivity

Top 3 Remote Desktop Software to Increase Your Productivity

Remote Desktop Software or Remote Access Program or Remote Control Access is a program or software that allows you to access a remote computer from another! By saying the Remote Control, we actually mean it since the system gives the hosted system he full control of another system including the keyboard and the mouse.

Remote control is advantageous in various ways from assisting your father regarding computer issues living at a great distance, to coordinating the office works sitting at your home. This system comes as the best solution. And that’s why small to big businesses are taking advantages of RDS (Remote Desktop Software). Yes, there’re ample of similar software present on the internet and we can understand that it can be hectic for you to choose one. That’s why this article will be a great help for you with the top Remote Desktop Software listed.

Let’s have a look at the top 3 RDS


AeroAdmin is arguably the easiest Remote Desktop Software to use for free. You’ll hardly find any settings and everything goes quick with the software. Moreover, it’s portable, so, if you’re looking for a spontaneous support, AeroAdmin can be a great solution.

AeroAdmin functions quite like TeamViewer which comes next on my list. You need to share your own ID or IP Address with the other Computer and you are ready to share your screen or get the other screen shared depending on who is the host and who is the client. When host computer confirms the connection request, sent by the client side, you can access the remote computer.


TeamViewer is a freeware software which is extremely easy to install. TeamViewer is considered as one of the best Remote Desktop Software because of its endless functionalities and features which include no modifications to the router and no configuration to the firewall.

TeamViewer supports video calls, voice calls and text chats. File transfer and wake-on-LAN is supported by TeamViewer which enables users to share their iPhone and iPad screen with others. Moreover, the reboot and safe mode options of the client PC can be accessed by TeamViewer! This portable program is available for Windows, Linux and MAC.

Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities is a remote desktop software that allows you to connect up to 10 remote PCs at the same time. The software pairs two remote computers collectively which is called Internet ID. The Internet ID of Host must be shared to get connected. One can use the Remote Utilities in two different ways.

Either you can install a portion of Remote Utilities and run as a HOST which will enable you to get access of the other computer permanently. Otherwise you can just run as AGENT that works more like a spontaneous connection without installation. The software can even be launched from Flash Drive.

Top 3 Remote Desktop Software to Increase Your Productivity

These are the top three Remote Desktop Software that can provide you the awesome features to share screens and control another computer from a great distance (even from other countries). So, when you are an employer dealing with foreign clients, make sure, you have installed the remote desktop software. Moreover, these tools are quite efficient when you have the employees working from home or from a remote distance. There’re ample of other Remote Access Software that will work exceptionally well and meet your expectations.

If you want to dig more about the Remote Access Program, how it works and its pros and cons, visit Layerpoint to go through a detailed article written on the Remote Desktop Software.